Indoor & Outdoor Play Spaces

At Little Stars Childcare, children have the opportunity to explore both indoor and outdoor play areas.

Our spacious, open plan inside spaces have been designed to provide various zones to enable children to play, learn and grow. In addition, they help facilitate mixed age (or family) grouping, which has immense benefits for social learning.

Resources are provided in an appealing way. These encourage the children to make their own choices and actively participate in their own learning.

The vast outdoor space provides large shaded areas for running, jumping and games. Above all, various play spaces allow the children to explore and learn in a safe environment. Our sand pit offers a sensory play area. That along with climbing frames and other resources provide for gross motor development and risk-taking. We consider the environment and ever changing learning environment. As a result, we will modify this area based on the needs of the children and families that attend our centre.

A separate area is provided for children under 2, giving them the chance to develop their individual skills in a safe environment. As a result, they grow in a time suitable to their age and level of development.


We provide healthy, nutritious, child-friendly meals which are prepared and cooked on-site. Meals provided consist of Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea. The weekly menu is available in our entry.

Our menu adheres to government guidelines and is based on the recommendations of the “Caring for Children – Birth to 5 years (Food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences)” guide and offers children at least 50% of their recommended daily nutrient intake. Food intolerances and allergies are catered for.

We offer a seasonal menu with a 4-week rotation cycle to create variety and ensure optimal nutrition is achieved.

Incursion and Excursions

An important part of the early learning journey is taking part in incursions and excursions. Participating in these experiences allows the children to discover new skills to enhance their learning and increase their social skills and awareness.


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We offer a seasonal menu with a 4-week rotation cycle to create variety and ensure optimal nutrition is achieved.